The Scrivens Perspective - Spring 2019
After a particularly long, tough Ottawa winter, we’ve earned this spring and all the pleasant perks that come with it: milder weather, budding trees, a break after another tax season.
Spring Cleaning Your Investment Portfolio
Your investment portfolio can benefit from a spring cleaning to bring it up to date and improve its organization
The Gift of Life: Permanent Life Insurance for Children
The relative ease of obtaining coverage on the life of your child provides the peace of mind of knowing that their insurability has been guaranteed.
Avoid Splitting Headaches: Income Splitting Strategies
To reduce tax pain, have you taken advantage of the available techniques for splitting income with a spouse, minor child, or adult child?
Upgrade Your Home, Downgrade Your Risk: Property Insurance
Property insurance rates are calculated based on algorithms that rate the importance of certain characteristics as "riskier" than others.
Distracted Driving Penalties: More than two minutes in the box
A distracted driving conviction will be reflected on your driving record, therefore will be considered by insurance companies when calculating your risk.
Top Cyber Predictions in 2019
The average global cost of a data breach has risen to $3.86 million, magnifying the need for companies to be aware of all potential threats.
The Benefits of Business Interruption Insurance
Business interruption insurance provides protection against a variety of common interruptions, including natural disasters, equipment damage and vandalism.
Cyber Security: How to Secure Office IoT Devices
Internet of things (IoT) devices create a growing security threat for businesses who aren’t prepared.
The Scrivens Perspective - Winter 2018-19
I hope your 2018 was as successful as you hoped it would be back in January. At Scrivens, we are grateful for all of our customers and their loyalty from year-to-year.