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Segregated Funds

Investment funds offered by life insurance companies.

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A segregated fund is the term used for the investment funds offered by life insurance companies. Like mutual funds, a segregated fund is a group of stocks, bonds, and other investments that are owned by a large number of investors and managed by a professional investment company. The unique aspects of segregated funds are the "insurance" features.

For example, you can name a designated beneficiary to any segregated fund contract - including with non-registered funds. Most insurers will also provide a death benefit guarantee: a guarantee of a minimum contract value to your beneficiary upon your death. These insurance components can make segregated funds a useful tool in your estate planning.

In Canada, investors must be provided with the most recent Information Folder before any segregated fund purchase. This document provides information not only about the funds themselves, but also details the insurance features of the contract. Your trusted financial advisor will help you determine of segregated funds are a good fit with your financial goals.

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