Ontario Commercial General Liability Insurance (CGL)

There are a variety of commercial liability insurance options available in Ontario including D&O, E&O, Construction Wrap-Up, and Cyber Liability

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Commercial General Liability

The only way to effectively protect the assets of your business is to carry adequate Commercial General Liability (CGL) Insurance coverage. CGL protects your business from damages caused by bodily injury or property damage for which your business is found to be legally liable.

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Commercial Umbrella Liability

Excess Liability Insurance (ELI), more commonly known as Umbrella Insurance, is one of the most important types of insurance your company can buy. It protects your business from holes or limits in existing policy coverage as well as from financially draining lawsuits. Just as you carry an umbrella to protect you from a potential downpour, ELI protects your company from the types of claims that could close your business.

Directors & Officers Liability (D&O Insurance)

Regardless of your company’s size, the legal costs associated with a lawsuit can be crippling. If your company does not insure this risk, qualified directors and officers may be hesitant to join your team for fear of personal liability in the event of an error. To help recruit strong leaders as well as ensure the well-being of existing leaders and your company, a directors and officers liability insurance (D&O) policy should be part of your comprehensive risk financing strategy.

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Errors & Omissions Insurance (E&O Insurance)

E&O insurance is supplementary liability insurance that enhances any business owner’s policy by safeguarding against catastrophic loss in the event of a lawsuit due to a negligent act, error or omission by the professional.  In addition to claims of error, omission, or negligence, E&O insurance can also protect against slander, libel and breach of contract.

Construction Wrap-Up Insurance

Sometimes referred to as controlled insurance programs (CIP), wrap-up insurance programs are centralized insurance and loss control programs intended to protect the project owner, general contractor, and subcontractors under a single insurance policy or set of policies for the construction project.

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Environmental Liability Claims Example

Check out what happened to one business owner when the theft of a popular item led to environmental damages. Did he fill in the gap in his CGL policy, or will he be covered?

Ontario Commercial General Liability Insurance (CGL)


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