One of Ottawa's longest-standing insurance brokers and financial advisors.

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We have over 88 years of experience.
Scrivens' reputation extends beyond 88 years.

Since establishment in Ottawa in 1930, Scrivens has developed a reputation of integrity, stability, and excellent service.

A rare third-generation business thriving in the new age of technology.

Scrivens' extensive and growing client base over the past 88 years is representative of our sound management, professionalism and ability to adapt to change.

Expect the best!

Customer satisfaction is the key to Scrivens' success. Our highly qualified and experienced team understands that each individual has specific needs. Therefore, at Scrivens we recognize that personalized service is critical in identifying your requirements and providing the appropriate product to meet these needs.

Establishing and maintaing a superior level of service is an integral part of Scrivens' tradition of excellence.

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Over 88 years experience

As a third-generation business, we understand that things change, and that's a good thing! Our experience has taught us that being able to adapt to changing environments is the key to success!

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Whether you prefer communicating with us over the phone, by email, or in person, we are ready no matter what! We even provide our customers with access to insurance documents and more through our portal Scrivens Online.

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We understand that as you move through life, things are bound to change. You don't always think of letting your insurance broker know when you get married, adopt a pet, or finish renovations so we do our best to make sure all the important information for your insurance is up-to-date.

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Read about the history of Scrivens from when we first opened our doors in 1930 until today.