Scrivens History

As an insurance broker in Ontario, we have been protecting the financial interests of Ontarians for over 90 years.

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Although W.H. (Bill) Scrivens sold only life insurance when he started in 1928, he responded when his clients told him they also wanted house or car insurance.

Bill climbed the stairs at 56 Sparks Street to the Dominion of Canada General Insurance Company and asked that they sponsor a general insurance licence for him. They did - and the seeds for an independent Scrivens company were planted.

Bill worked for North America Life until his general insurance clientele increased to the point that he needed a separate office for his business. W.H. Scrivens, General Insurance moved back to the Ottawa Electric Building at 56 Sparks Street.

At one time, Bill had a partner, however, when Merrill Tucker went off to war, Bill bought him out. When Tucker returned, Bill sold the business back to him for the same price of which Merrill first purchased. As a result, the company became known as Scrivens & Tucker.

Tucker left the firm in 1950 when Bill's son, Bruce, came aboard. Since then, the company has been owned and operated primarily by the Scrivens family.

Here's a decade-by-decade look at the past 90 years:


W.H. (Bill) Scrivens establishes W.H. Scrivens, General Insurance at 56 Sparks Street in downtown Ottawa.


Merrill Tucker joins the company as a partner. The company name is changed to Scrivens & Tucker.


In 1960, the company purchased 270 MacLaren Street, a heritage building that was once a manse for a downtown Ottawa church. Merrill Tucker leaves the company but Bill's son, Bruce, comes aboard.


The company is well-positioned to take advantage of the continuing post-war building boom that started in the 1950s. New business opportunities are created and the company's services are expanded.


With the business doing well, the Scrivens family steps up to its ongoing commitment to the community. The company places a stronger emphasis on helping those in need and volunteering time and resources.


Bruce's son, Peter, joins the organization and in 1985, another son, Michael, joins as both brothers assume day-to-day control of the company. In a major expansion of the company's services, Scrivens purchases the assets of Coulter Investment Services and launches W.H. Scrivens Financial Services Ltd. to help serve the clients' growing financial needs.


Michael and Peter's brother, David, joins the company. Scrivens purchases both Monaghan Insurance Broker & Fitzsimmons Insurance Broker. Scrivens founder, Bill, passes away and his wife of 75 years, Evelyn, dies six years later at the age of 101. The Scrivens brothers bring aboard Ole Jensen as a partner to assist in the growth of the commercial insurance department.


Scrivens "goes green" in this decade, becoming the first broker in Canada to transmit policies electronically. More recently, in Scrivens' personal insurance department, renewals are now downloaded while applications are uploaded.

2010 and beyond

As Canada emerges from one of the worst financial crises in recent memory, Scrivens continues to work with our clients in commercial lines and financial services to protect, maintain and grow their personal and business worth.