Claims That Could Increase Home Insurance Rates

Last Updated:
January 8, 2020
Karen Spencer
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Home insurance is important to help you financially recover from a disaster. Unfortunately, the more claims you file, the more expensive your insurance rates.

Although all claims will likely raise your home insurance rates, these five have the greatest impact on your home insurance premium.

Fire claims occur when your home becomes damaged or destroyed by a fire.

Liability claims are filed if a person is injured or their personal property is damaged at your residence. Your liability insurance helps pay for damaged property and medical expenses.

Theft claims take place when something is stolen from your home. You can choose to install various security equipment, such as cameras or alarm systems, that may lower your insurance rates and help prevent any future theft.

Water damage claims are filed if your home is damaged from an internal water issue. Typically, standard home insurance policies do not cover damage caused by overland floods.

Weather claims arise if your home is damaged from tornadoes, earthquakes or other natural disasters.

Keep in mind that any claims you’ve filed at a previous residence may be reflected in your current premium costs. Talk to your broker today for more risk management tips.