The Scrivens Perspective - Fall 2019

Last Updated:
September 19, 2019
Peter Scrivens
Time to Read:

The Summer’s weather certainly had it’s ups and downs but the city is back to school and back to regular traffic.

That is, except a few areas that continue to be under development, like Elgin Street near our main office. We encourage you to help support the many local businesses on Elgin throughout the construction period.

Now that Summer is over, we're working later on Friday. Please note our regular hours are now in effect:

Office Hours: Monday to Friday: 8 am - 5 pm

Remember, even when our office is closed, our claims service remains open. If you experience an emergency and need to speak with someone immediately, please call 1-800-267-3542.

Condominium owners face special risks when it comes to insurance and Karen Spencer explains many of the considerations. If you own a condo, it's a must read!

Also, car insurance rates are on the rise. Again. Being a safe driver is one way to help prevent your rates from increasing too much but we give you some more ways to save on your automobile insurance!

Ole Jensen is optimistic about some possible changes coming to insurance for snow removal companies in his latest article. If you are a landlord, contractor, or have people on your property, it’s certainly an important read!

Abuse is a reality now more than ever and we discuss how you can protect your employees and manage your company's risk with abuse liability.

It’s interesting to hear some of the conversations these days about how politics and investments are related but Ken Browness offers his thoughts on how politics really affects your portfolio.

Speaking of your investment portfolio, Stephan Smith, encourages you to speak with your advisor each year to make sure you are taking advantage of all options afforded to you.

We hope your summer was as enjoyable as ours and your family is getting back into the swing of things as life gets a little busier.

I hope you find value in our newsletters and I look forward to sharing what's going on around Scrivens in our next edition!

- Peter Scrivens