Solution: Abuse Liability

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September 19, 2019
Ole Jensen
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Year after year, sports associations, day cares, schools, camps, churches, and other charitable organizations face the staggering financial cost of civil judgements due to the abusive conduct of their employees or volunteers.

It is important to keep your employees safe from all types of abuse. One way to help protect them is with implementing a formal Abuse Prevention Policy and to consider Abuse Liability Insurance.

Vicarious Liability

A common law principle that refers to situations where an organization is held responsible for the actions or omissions of one of their employees or volunteers.

Abuse and Molestation Insurance

Covers individuals and organizations for acts related to abuse and molestation, however this overage does not protect the perpetrator.

Coverage is dictated by its treatment of several key issues, including:

  • Occurrence vs. incident-made coverage
  • Limitations on amount of coverage
  • Aggregate language

The Role of Risk Management

Scrivens highly recommends organizations set in place formal Abuse Prevention Policies to help protect employees. Also, as a condition for purchasing abuse coverage, many insurance companies require organizations to demonstrate they have implemented a formal abuse prevention plan. Elements of this plan should include:

  • A policy statement that confirms the organization’s commitment to providing a safe environment for individuals under their care and declares zero tolerance for abuse, harassment or neglect committed by employees, members, or volunteers.
  • Screening procedures to ensure all employees and volunteers are suited for work with vulnerable populations
  • Abuse prevention training is provided to all staff members and volunteers.
  • Operational procedures are clearly outlined in a written manual, which summarize guidelines for preventing abuse and harassment.
  • Procedures that ensure any incidents of abuse will be properly reported to the relevant authorities.

If your company needs help developing an Abuse Prevention Policy for your workplace, please ask your Scrivens representative for a sample policy.

Should a situation develop that requires an organization to defend itself against incidences of abuse, the cost of doing so can be debilitating.

In order to protect your organization’s viability for the long term, it is vital to protect your employees and obtain the proper insurance. To learn more about abuse liability coverage, or to conduct a review of your current insurance program, please contact your broker.