Your Ontario auto insurance accident benefits have changed as of June 1, 2016 and you must make important decisions regarding your coverage.

Car insurance serves as a safeguard against financial hardship in the event of an auto accident and helps in paying for damages if your company vehicle is damaged, starts on fire, or is stolen. Auto policies can include individual vehicles or fleets of vehicles. At Scrivens, we look at the individual characteristics of the vehicles and their drivers to deliver specialized coverage for fleet owners.

The following is a list of basic coverages typically found in commercial auto policies:

Liability Coverage – liability insurance covers the costs of damage that you may do to others, including property damage and bodily harm. It also covers legal fees, if you are brought to court as a result of the accident.

Collision Coverage – pays to repair your vehicle after an accident. Coverage applies after deductible is met.

Comprehensive Coverage – pays for damages to your car that were not caused by an accident, such as fire, theft, vandalism, natural disasters, hitting an animal, etc. Glass is often also covered under this portion of a policy. Coverage applies after deductible is met.

Accident Benefits – Accident Benefits coverage compensates for medical expenses for the driver and his/her passengers as a result of an accident. Rehab, funeral expenses, and income loss due to death and disability are covered up to your policy limits.

In addition to the main types of coverage, there are several add-ons available to increase your automobile coverage and ensure that your business vehicles are properly covered. Contact one of our business insurance brokers in Ottawa to get a quote today!


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