When to Install Winter Tires to Qualify for the Insurance Discount?

February 11, 2021
Karen Spencer
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It's the time of year when you bring in your patio furniture and bring out your hats and mitts. Winter is just around the corner and ensure you aren't sliding past the corner by getting winter tires on your vehicle.

Winter driving conditions can make the road even more dangerous than it already is.

While all-season tires are designed for all-weather use, they do not perform as well in icy and slippery conditions. Winter tires give you better traction when driving in ice and snow, and help make driving safer.

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Most people know that winter tires begin to outperform other tires when the temperature falls below 7°C. This typically is the case starting from the end of October in Ontario until the temperature warms back up above 7°C, hopefully by the end of March!

In addition to the 7°C rule, it's important to consider who your car insurance is with. Most require drivers to have winter tires installed by a certain date.

Since 2016, insurance companies in Ontario have been mandated to provide drivers with a discount when they install winter tires. While the discount varies, it's important to understand each insurance company's requirement for the discount to apply.

When do winter tires need to be on in Ontario for insurance?

Most insurance providers in Ontario require drivers to keep proof that 4 winter tires were installed by a certain date. Check out your insurance company below. If yours isn't listed, let us know.


December 1 to March 31


November 15 to March 31

Gore Mutual

November 1 to April 1


December 1 to March 31


December 1 to March 31


December 1 to March 31


November 1 to April 1

Having winter tires on in Ontario for the insurance discount is good motivation, it isn't all about saving money. Winter tires are proven to provide performance benefits in ice, snow, and at temperatures below 7°C. If you plan to drive your vehicle this winter, please consider having winter tires installed for the safety of everyone.

Contact your insurance broker if you have any questions about winter tires. Don't know your broker? Sign in to Scrivens Online to find their contact details.