The Scrivens Perspective - Summer 2018

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June 30, 2021
Peter Scrivens
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Summer is finally here and we couldn’t be happier at Scrivens because we get out of the office an hour earlier on Fridays to enjoy our weekends just a bit longer.

If you ever experience an emergency when our office is closed and you need to report a claim, please call 1-800-267-3542.

Summer is the time of year for long drives through the hills of Gatineau, catching an Ottawa Champions ball game, setting out on a family vacation, reuniting with long-lost relatives at a family BBQ, and beating the heat with a few scoops of ice cream!

What do all of these things have in common? Just read how Ken Browness connects all these summer favourites to a properly organized financial plan here.

Last year saw an increase in the number of devastating events which has been a leading cause of increased insurance rates for commercial property insurance. Ole Jensen has created an outlook of where commercial insurance is going and some of the driving factors.

More accurate underwriting because of more available data, carrier product innovation, and lower rates in others coverages are the three top predictions for commercial insurance.

The amount of business done online continues to increase, especially with cloud-based software, and has lead to an increased demand for cyber insurance.

Summer is a great time for teenage workers to gain employment, which provides employers with an opportunity to ensure younger workers know their rights as an employee to help prevent workplace accidents.

Two years ago on June 1, 2016, car insurance in Ontario went through many changes and our wonderful staff have been busy keeping you informed. A lot can happen in two years, which is why Karen Spencer points out available insurance coverages that may apply now that didn't apply back in 2016.

Car insurance rates are expected to increase even further in Ontario so making sure you have the coverage that best fits you and your lifestyle is critical to ensuring you aren't overpaying or underinsured.

Another way to make sure your car insurance rates don't increase too much is to drive safely. RSA Insurance has recently announced it will non-renew insureds with a distracted driving offence within the past three years. Since carriers "forgive" your first accident, being forced to switch carriers will certainly increase your rates.

Of course, we hope our customers are not using their phones while driving, we challenge you to take precautions before you get behind the wheel to help deter you from being distracted. Try turning your phone completely off, give your phone to a passenger, or place your phone in the glove box or trunk.

If you haven’t seen our blog post with Ottawa’s summer festivals, events, fairs, and more, I encourage you to check it out at

Have a safe and sunny Summer!

-Peter Scrivens