The Scrivens Perspective - SPRING 2017

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March 22, 2019
Peter Scrivens
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This year marks the 150th anniversary of the confederation of Canada, which has brought the spotlight to our country. The New York Times listed Canada as the TOP place to visit in 2017 and with Ottawa's year-long party, we are in for an event-filled year.

With the increased number of visitors this year, you may have thought about opening your home to short-term renters. This is a great way to earn some extra income however, this opens you up to potential insurance gaps. Thankfully Aviva has introduced a great new option for all homeowners and Karen Spencer does an excellent job explaining the new coverage.

Whether you have short-term guests in your home or tenants in a rental property, having a positive relationship will ensure you keep your tenants and have positive reviews. Ole Jensen gives seven suggestions to ensure you maintain positive relationships in our Business Matters newsletter.

The Scrivens' personal insurance team has done an amazing job keeping up to date with all the new changed this past year and ensuring you have all the right coverages. Karen outlines how the definition of catastrophic injuries changed with the 2016 Auto Reform.

The number of cyber attacks against Canadian companies has been increasing and experts say 2017 will be another difficult year. Ole recommends all businesses include a Cyber Liability Policy to address these risks.

Shawn Ryan and Ken Browness from Scrivens Financial Services are specialists in succession and estate planning, whether for your personal assets or passing on your business. Read each of their articles to learn some great advice on ensure your legacy lives.

I am proud to announce that Scrivens has committed to a donation to CHEO's Project Stitch which will help increase the number of surgeries per year by 1,500. CHEO has helped many of our children at Scrivens and we are forever grateful for the work they do.

- Peter Scrivens