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Spring Cleaning Your Investment Portfolio

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This is the time of year when we freshen up our homes and clean out the dust that has accumulated over a harsh winter. In a similar manner, an investment portfolio can benefit from a spring cleaning to bring it up to date and improve its organization. Questions to ask yourself in determining whether your portfolio could benefit from some tidying up include:

  • Do you own multiple funds in the same asset class? For example, do you hold 2 or more funds classified as “Canadian Equity”? If you do, is there a significant enough difference between them to justify retaining them?
  • Do you have multiple small investment accounts across multiple advisors? If yes, have you considered consolidating through one point of advice? This will provide for more control and less paperwork.
  • If you are working through one advisor, do you still have multiple accounts? If yes, consolidating them within one “self directed” structure can reduce paperwork considerably.
  • Does the asset allocation in your portfolio reflect how you see yourself as an investor today? If no, talk with your advisor today to bring it in line

As always, a discussion with your Scrivens advisor will ensure your portfolio is as fresh as possible!

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