Should you consider purchasing Long Term Care Insurance

Last Updated:
March 22, 2019
David Scrivens
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Each one of us bears a responsibility to act as our own advocate and plan for our own care when the time comes that we can no longer take care of ourselves. Many mistakenly believe the government will take care of us. they could not be more wrong.

Scrivens, partnered with MyDignity Inc., is pleased to provide a proprietary simplified issue long term home care plan that is both easy to obtain and affordable. Underwriting consists of a short health declaration allowing for a 95% approval rate.

Furthermore, premiums under this plan qualify as a PHSP and therefore may qualify as either a medical tax credit or as an expense when the individual is either self employed or through a corporation. Any benefits received are non-taxable.

For more information about your long term care insurance options contact David Scrivens at 613-236-9101.