Protect Your Data Privacy on the Internet with Personal Cyber Insurance

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January 27, 2021
Karen Spencer
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While the internet is an amazing superhighway of information, data privacy is a growing concern among Canadians the people of Ontario.

Ways Your Data Privacy Can Be Breached

To protect yourself and your family against internet predators wishing to obtain your personal information, it is wise to understand the various ways in which your privacy can be breached.

Phishing Spam

Internet predators use phone, emails and pop-up messages as bait to hook unsuspecting computer users into divulging personal information.

Then, they use your personal information to steal your identity. To protect against phishing spam:

  • Be skeptical of urgent email requests for personal or financial information.
  • Only email personal or financial information to secure websites that start with https://
  • Install anti-virus software on your computer and make sure it remains up to date.


When downloading free items on the internet, you also run the risk of downloading software called spyware that tracks your internet usage activity. To combat spyware, install anti-spyware software that protects your computer against these harmful download add-ons.


Cookies are placed on your computer every time you visit a website. They store information about your computer preferences and personal details and retrieve it later. To combat cookies, reconfigure your browser to accept, block or individually approve cookies.

Data Privacy Insurance Solutions

In today's connected world, anyone can get tangled up in identity theft, cyber attacks, or a consumer dispute. Personal cyber insurance options are available and offer preventive advice and protection in a single package.

Who needs personal cyber insurance?

Typically individuals with access to larger funds in the bank accounts or individuals who have technology exposure within their home. Possible technology exposures include computers, mobile devices, smart-home devices, or connected home technology (internet of things (IoT).

What personal cyber insurance coverage is available?

Reimbursement up to $500,000 per year or up to $25,000 per occurrence of certain legal fees and expenses, including:

  • Identity Theft
  • Consumer Disputes
  • Cyber Protection

Identity Theft

To repair your financial history and good name or resolve other problems as a result of identity theft, including legal representation, lost wages, ordering a credit profile, and credit monitoring.

Consumer Disputes

Consumer disputes that are covered includes signing a contract with a door-to-door salesman.

Cyber Protection

Covering certain computer specialist fees and costs to repair or replace computer hardware, software, mobile devices, home-connected devices, and to restore data.

Other coverages may be available like cyber attacks, ransomware, smart devices, wearables, or cyber bullying. Speak with your Ontario insurance broker to get more details.

Common Objections to Personal Cyber Insurance

Personal cyber insurance isn't for everyone, but if you're thinking about its price or how diligent you are online, you may want to dig deeper.

I'm already paying more for my home and auto insurance. Why should I add data privacy insurance?

Data privacy insurance offers preventive advice and vital coverage in today's digital world. Everyone is susceptible to being a victim of identity theft, cyber attack/cyber extortion, or being pressured into signing a contract from a sales person.

You can be a victim and may not even be aware of it. Data privacy insurance offers both the reassurance of having someone to turn to 24/7, plus reimbursement for certain legal fees and expenses related to identity theft, cyber events, and consumer disputes.

You can call the 24/7 legal information service phone line as many times as you want, which can mean significant potential savings: hourly rates for lawyers can range from about $200 to over $400.

I change my passwords, use the latest anti-virus software, don't do any online banking or shopping, and take other precautions online. Why would I need data privacy insurance?

Fraudsters are getting sneakier, and smarter. According to the Competition Bureau of Canada, Canadians lost more than $405 million to fraudsters between January 2014 to December 2017.

The 24/7 legal information service phone line is available to help prevent you from becoming a victim. If you think you have received an email, phone call, or offer that looks suspicious, you can access the 24/7 phone line for advice before you click, accept, or act on the offer.

The 24/7 legal representatives are well-versed in the latest scams and methods used by fraudsters.

The first step to cyber protection is having an expert on your side. Speak with your Scrivens insurance broker to speak about your data privacy by calling 613-236-9101 or sign in to your Scrivens account.