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Off-set the federal Carbon Tax with these helpful fuel-saving strategies

April 1, 2019

The price of gas is expected to rise as the federal government's carbon tax begins today in Ontario. Coupled with the fact that gas prices tend to increase at this time of year due to the switch to the more expensive "summer blend" of gas, you know the cost to fill up your tank is going to hit your finances. For this reason, it’s important to save on gas whenever you can:

  • Download an app that can show you the price of gas at each station in the area. However, be sure to choose a station before you leave so you don't drive distracted.
  • Avoid idling for long periods. Idling for just one minute consumes the same amount of gas as starting your engine.
  • Lighten your car by removing heavy items from your trunk to help improve your overall fuel economy.
  • Get your vehicle’s fluids changed regularly.
  • Drive slower, as simply reducing your speeds can improve your fuel economy by about 20 per cent.
  • Compare fuel economy ratings when you’re buying or leasing a new vehicle.