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November is Fall Prevention Month

July 12, 2018

According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, approximately 215 older adults are hospitalized each day because of falls. Falls are a cause of serious injury in older adults and, as a part of Fall Prevention Month, it’s critical to learn ways to keep loved ones safe.

To protect a friend or family member from fall injuries, ask them the following:

  • ‍Do you wear rubber-soled, supportive footwear or low-heeled shoes while walking around the house?
  • Do you use a step stool instead of a chair to grab items out of reach?
  • Can you turn on lights without having to walk through a dark room?
  • Do chairs in your home have armrests that make it easier to get up and down?
  • Do you have rubber mats or non-skid strips in your shower or bathtub? Do you have a grab bar on the wall of your bathtub?
  • Can you reach items in your kitchen easily?

If they answer no to any of the above questions, it is likely they are at risk of experiencing a potentially dangerous fall. While most falls in the home cause only temporary discomfort or minor injuries, they can be deadly. Asking your loved ones the right questions and working with them to reduce their fall risk can ensure their safety while preserving their independence.