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Keeping Drivers Safe During Rest Stops

March 31, 2021

Driver safety during a shipment is critical and a common challenge for fleet managers—especially during long trips.

While it’s important for drivers to understand safe operating practices on the road, it’s equally important for them to take special precautions during stops at gas stations, truck stops or similar breakpoints.

While these rest locations allow truck drivers to fight fatigue or get a bite to eat, they can also leave them vulnerable to criminals, particularly during night stops.

Gas stations and truck stops are a popular target for criminals, and it’s important to do the following in order to safeguard your drivers and cargo:

  • ‍Plan your drivers’ routes so they know when and where they will be stopping. Ensure that any stopping points on the route are safe, well-lit and can accommodate a large truck.
  • Instruct your drivers to limit the number of unplanned stops they make. For instance, if they are stopping for gas, they should also grab a snack and use the restroom before going back on the road.
  • Have your drivers lock up the truck. Your drivers should never leave the cab unlocked. Even stepping away from a vehicle for a moment gives thieves enough time to steal valuables.
  • Train your drivers on safe maintenance practices. For example, when stopping to check fluid levels, drivers should engage the parking brake.
  • Instruct drivers to take proper care of their valuables. Moving expensive personal items to the glove box can go a long way in deterring criminals.
  • Prepare your drivers for emergency situations. Your staff should know how to respond to a robbery or vehicle breakdown.
  • Practise parking next to other vehicles and pulling out of small areas with your drivers. This will help avoid accidents when they need to stop.

While truck stops, gas stations and similar breakpoints are generally safe, accidents can occur. Use the above tips to ensure that your staff are ready for any unexpected incidents that can occur during a shipment.