Five Ways to Reduce Holiday Stress

August 28, 2019
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The holidays can bring joy, but they can also bring stress. Whether you're worried about money, gift-giving, or finding enough time to get everything done, the following coping mechanisms can help you manage and reduce your holiday stress.

  • Get organized - Writing down the things you need to do or places you need to be can help you visualize your to-do list and make it seem much more manageable.
  • Know that it's OK to say "no" - if attending an event that isn't important to you will interfere with you getting work done or running errands, just say "no" politely.
  • Create and stick to a budget - Money is one of the biggest holiday stressors for people. Set a realistic budget this holiday season and don't go over it.
  • Ask for help when you need it - You don't have to decorate, wrap presents, or cook by yourself. Ask friends or family members to help you complete these tasks.
  • Focus on what really matters - People who focus on activities with others and relationships during the holidays report more happiness than those who focus on gift-giving.

Most Common Causes of Holiday Stress

Not having enough money
Not having enough money
Too much to do
Too much to do
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