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Amendments to Ontario's Construction Projects Regulation Come Into Force January 1

August 28, 2019

These changes are meant to strengthen and clarify existing requirements relating to the use of suspended access equipment. Suspended access equipment refers to work platforms or seating that is suspended by wire ropes from an overhead roof anchor. These platforms or seating that is suspended by wire ropes from an overhead roof anchor. These platforms are often lowered along the face of a building or structure. Examples include things like swing stages and boatswain's chairs.

In order to remain compliant and keep workers safe, firms that utilize suspended access equipment should be aware of the upcoming legislative changes.

New Requirements

Beginning January 1, 2017, any buildings or structures were suspended access equipment may be used are subjected to new amendments found in the Construction Projects Regulation.

Key amendments include the following:

  • Requiring firms to notify the Ministry of Labour prior to utilizing suspended access equipment for the first time at a new project.
  • Introducing new requirements for roof plans and site-specific work plans.
  • Enhancing training requirements, which apply to any workers that use or inspect suspended access equipment.
  • Enhancing existing design, operational, technical and engineering requirements.
  • Strengthening requirements related to inspections, testing, and maintenance.

The amendments are consistent with the changes proposed by the Ministry of Labour in the Summary of Proposal document that was posted on the government's Regulatory Registry for a 90-day public consultation from March 20 to June 22, 2015. You can read the original notice from the Ministry of Labour here.

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