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5 Tips for Contractor Equipment Security

January 17, 2019

In the world of contractors' equipment, theft is a major threat to your bottom line. Here are five things you can do to protect your equipment against major loss and theft.

Security Policy and Checklist

Establish a security policy and discuss it at regular safety meetings, including a written worksite-specific theft prevention plan for permanent, temporary and mobile sites. Create a site security checklist to use at every new job site.

Fencing and Lighting

Install fencing around your storage area as your first line of defence against equipment theft. Use adequate lighting and conduct regular maintenance of lighting systems.

Inventory Control

Establish a record-keeping system to track equipment entering and leaving a site or facility. Regularly perform a physical inventory audit.


Before hiring, perform in-depth background and reference checks. Ensure current workers are aware of their job responsibilities related to theft prevention.

Control Site Access

Ensure visitors check in with a site supervisor, consider installing a video surveillance system and/or using security guards, and post "no trespassing" signs around the perimeter of the worksite. Implement a key-control program that limits distribution of and access to keys for equipment and site locks.

Loss prevention is crucial to protecting your business' bottom line. Preventing equipment theft is the most effective way to ensure your business isn't impacted by delayed or cancelled projects.

Source: RSA Canada