Say Farewell To Your Chequebook

Last Updated:
December 27, 2018
Ken Browness
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Do you know where your chequebook is? Do you even have cheques? If you do, is the address on them your current or previous address? Does investing without cheques sound attractive?

If yes, talk to us about the FundEX Nominee Account structure. You can set up your Nominee Account as a "bill payment" for your online banking, meaning that you can deposit money electronically to the "cash" component of the account, whether non-registered, RSP, or TFSA.

A FundEX Nominee Account structure allows you to have mutual funds from more than one company as well as GICs – all on one platform. For registered accounts such as RSPs, RIFs, LIRAs/LIFs, and TFSAs, the Nominee Account structure provides valuable incapacity planning benefits.

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