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Employee Spotlight: Sourabh Patel

December 13, 2022
  1. Describe your education and/or designations? Masters of Public Administration (India). International business Diploma from Seneca College (Toronto). Working as an Account Manager.

  1. When did you join Scrivens full-time? August 12 2022

  1. What is your favourite thing about your role? Helping customers with their insurance needs.

  1. What do you like most about working at Scrivens? Great people with a lot of experience & knowledge.

  1. What has been your favourite project at Scrivens? Everyday challenging questions from customers are always my favourite projects.

  1. What is one career lesson you have learned so far? Be kind to everyone, no one knows what circumstances someone might be going through. Spread kindness.

  1. Any other comments about your time at Scrivens? No

  1. Do you have any nicknames? Sam

  1. What is your favourite travel destination?  Goa 

  1. Would you like to share a photo of this place? Yes, please see below

  1. Favourite Quote? Live, Laugh & Love. Always live in PRESENT.

  1. What is your hidden talent? Creativity to find an answer.

  1. Do you have any pets? Yes/ no No.

  1. Where did you grow up? Gujarat India

  1. What is your favourite hobby? Playing Cricket & travelling

Do you have anything else you'd like to share? Any other favourites? I always look for new investment ideas whether its stock market, real estate, businesses.