A Guide to Buying Winter Tires

October 2, 2018
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When snow begins to fall and the mercury starts to drop this time of the year, we do all sorts of preparations to keep ourselves safe and warm. We pull out the winter coats and make sure our home heating systems are functional – but what about our vehicles?

If there's one thing car owners should definitely NOT scrimp on, it's winter tires. The hazard of having your tires fail in the middle of winter is far greater than experiencing a blow out on a regular day, which is why it's no exaggeration that good snow tires can spell the difference between life and death.

Not a lot of car owners have substantial knowledge about their vehicles, but knowing what tires to get is essential. Don't get confused with all the new tire models manufacturers launch every year! Arm yourself with definitive information about snow tires so you don't just rely on whatever a salesman recommends. Bonus tip: Did you know that by law, auto insurance companies provide a discount on car insurance for vehicles that have winter tires installed? Another reason to put a premium on the safety of your car tires.

To help you choose the right winter tires, check out this "Winter Tire Guide 2017" infographic prepared by Tillbury Auto Mall, a new and used car dealer in Windsor, Ontario. Everything a car owner needs to know when shopping for winter tires is here, presented in a short and visual manner that's easy even for a new driver to understand.

Winter Tire Guide: Which tires to buy and where to buy them
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